A Photo History of Baraga County
A Photo History of Baraga County
Here you will find a variety of old photographs that date back to the 1860's of towns and locations within Baraga County, Michigan. To access these photographs, click on the town or location to the left then click on the picture you'd like to see.

The dates and information given for each picture on this website are correct to the best of our knowledge.  Much of the information came from history books, local historians and what was written on the picture.  If you notice an incorrect date or any incorrect information about a particular picture, please let us know so we can make the appropriate changes.

Below are the names of people and organizations who have contributed photographs to this website. We sincerely want to thank each of them for letting us display their pictures here!
Jim Dompier
Clyde Elmblad
Brian Jentoft
Arvon Township Historical Society
Rochelle Murphy
Megan Elmblad
Anne Koski
Nancy Mannikko
Bill Menge Jr.
John Saarinen
Alyce Elmblad
Sarah Seavoy
Kathy Newland
Darryl Koski
Soo Line Historical Society
Paul Petosky -
Postmarks From The Past
Dan Larson
John Penokie
Bill Turner
Cheryl Tervo
John Dault
Seppo Saarinen
Walter Sands
June Van Buren
Larry King
The Brennan Family - Tim and Geneva Brennan
Barb and Lowell Hanshaw
A Photo History of Baraga County
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In May 2009 Clyde Elmblad's website project called  "A Photo History of Baraga County" was moved from highway41north.com to barargacountyhistoricalmuseum.com.  The reason for the move is to promote the rich history of Baraga County under one website.